January 29, 2016

Five Fixes That Work

Weight Loss Quick Fix or Quick Failure?

If you are like many Americans, you may have a desire to lose weight.  And while a national market research group suggests that fewer people are dieting than in years past, starting a new weight loss diet in the New Year is something of a tradition in the United States. So, what are people doing to “try to lose weight?”

January 18, 2016


Thirty grams per day – this is the amount of dietary fiber that is recommended, by health professionals, for adults to maintain high-quality health. The average American consumes just 16 grams of dietary fiber per day.

January 12, 2016

Fiber is for more than just weight loss.

Dietary fiber is an essential part of an optimal diet. While there are many lifestyle factors that can influence the risk factors for chronic diseases, consuming the daily-recommended amount of dietary fiber (20-35 g/ day) can help prevent chronic disease by supporting proper digestion, healthy cholesterol levels, skin health, and normal blood glucose levels.

Fiber Benefits Digestion and Weight Loss

Dietary fiber supports weight loss by its ability to promote feelings of fullness and ensure regular bowel movements. While weight management and proper digestion are incredible benefits of dietary fiber, these are just two of the benefits that fiber has in promoting optimal health.

December 14, 2015


Easy Ways to Add Fiber to Your Diet

Increasing dietary fiber intake is a daily practice, which is vital for a well-balanced diet that promotes optimal health.

Understanding Soluble and Insoluble Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber, a carbohydrate found in part of a plant cell wall that cannot be broken down in the human digestive track, is distinguished by two different types: Soluble Fiber and Insoluble Fiber.

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