Dealing With Constipation?
Fiber d’Lish Can Help.

We get it. Constipation can be a pain…literally. In fact, over 4.5 million people in the United States are constipated all or most of the time. That’s why we made NuGo® Fiber d’Lish bars – a naturally delicious treat that gives you a way to stay regular while enjoying the dessert taste you love. In other words, Fiber d’Lish keeps you smiling from cheek to cheek!

Get Your Fiber!

Experience the Benefits of Fiber d’Lish

Most bars on shelf today use processed fiber, stripping them of beneficial qualities and replacing them with added sugar or artificial ingredients. NuGo® Fiber is the only bar that uses insoluble fiber which unlocks the true benefits of fiber – slowing the absorption of fat and sugar into the bloodstream while keeping your digestive system moving without pain, cramps, or bloating from constipation.




Taste it for Yourself.

Per Sample Pack

Taste it for yourself.

Your can’t put a price on health…but we think $6 for a sample pack is a great first step!

Begin enjoying better health and nutrition today.