Everybody poops.
Make yours smoother.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to finding foods that help you stay regular, every fiber company promises the world. NuGo® Fiber d’Lish actually delivers… giving you a great tasting fiber bar you can enjoy without running for the bathroom after.

Get Your Fiber!

You’ll smile from cheek to cheek.

You’ve probably tried fiber, and chances are you know the jokes about eating too much of it, too. We do things differently. Fiber d’Lish is the only Fiber bar that uses a blend of both insoluble and soluble fiber – actually giving you the benefits you always hear about when it comes to a maintaining a healthy, high-fiber diet. The fresh-baked dessert flavor is just icing on the cake!




Smooth Operator.

Per Sample Pack

It’s a steal!

Your can’t put a price on health…but we think $6 for a sample pack is a great first step!

Begin enjoying better health and nutrition today.