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smoother pregnancy.

Chocolate Brownie

Let’s be real, pregnancy can be just as scary as it is exciting. Your body, your diet, and your entire world are changing rapidly. The one thing most OBs and Midwives don’t often mention though is having to deal with the constipation that comes with it. We can help. Fiber d’Lish is a great tasting all-natural fiber bar that’ll help you keep things moving smoothly during any trimester.

Get Your Fiber!

Baby-friendly benefits in every bite

You don’t have to resort to taking chalky pills, supplements, or prune juice to get the fiber your body needs. Fiber d’Lish is loaded with real health benefits in a dessert-flavored, soft-baked bar. We are the only bar using insoluble fiber blended with soluble fiber and sweetened with real fruit juice to slow the absorption of fat and sugar into the bloodstream — keeping your energy up, hunger down, and your digestive system moving without pain, cramps, or bloating from constipation.




Fiber-filled treats worth craving

Sample Pack 1

Dessert Sample Pack

1 Peanut Chocolate Chip, 1 Chocolate Brownie, 1 Blondie

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Sample Pack 2

Fruit Sample Pack

1 Orange Cranberry, 1 Cinnamon Raisin, 1 Banana Walnut

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Taste it and see!

You can’t put a price on you or your baby’s health… but we think $6 for a sample pack
is a great first step 😉

Begin enjoying better health and nutrition today.