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Choose Healthy Eating

When embarking on a lifestyle change, such as choosing to eat healthier foods, it is empowering to know YOU have made the choice, and YOU are in control. When you make this choice, you may set goals and create plans to help you succeed.  To guide you in your planning efforts, and to increase your commitment, consider these foundational steps.

Establish successful goals

Establishing successful goals is first and foremost. The key to setting goals is to personalize them according to your own circumstances and individual needs, and to have a specific plan for achieving them. These are goals that are:

Action-oriented and Adaptable

Make goals specific and use positive language (“I can”, “I will”, “I am”).  For example: “I will eat breakfast everyday, including a bowl of whole grain cereal with at least three grams of fiber per serving, and a whole banana.” Plan: “I am going to wake up 10 minutes earlier everyday so I have time to prepare and eat a healthy breakfast.” Identify three specific goals, and a plan, for making healthy eating a priority.

Create a Network of Support

Another important contributor to success is support.  The environments we are in and the people we are around have a great influence on attitudes and behaviors. Getting support from family and friends, for example, is an important part of any lifestyle change, especially when it comes to healthy eating.  Seek people who believe in you, and who may be working toward similar goals. Can you think of three people who can be part of a network of support?

Create Surroundings of Support

Many people find that if they create supportive surroundings at home and at work, they are more likely to achieve their healthy eating goals and successfully maintain them. Supportive surroundings might include the availability of high-quality and wholesome high-fiber foods, or the elimination of overly tempting foods. With insoluble and soluble fiber ingredients, Fiber d’Lish has the perfect ingredients while being delicious and wholesome. It’s a great way to get 48% of your daily fiber on-the-go without any food prep. Finally, identify three ways you can create a home and work environment that supports your efforts to make healthier choices.

You have chosen to make healthy eating a priority, build confidence, motivation and opportunity to be successful by establishing a framework that guides your efforts through goal-setting and planning, establishing a support network, and creating a supportive environment.


Anne Marie Kuchera, MS, MA, RD, LPC is a registered dietitian, and both a licensed nutritionist and licensed professional counselor. She manages community-based obesity prevention and preventive health and wellness initiatives through Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.