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Music Monday: “Do You Love Me?” by The Contours

Guess who’s back with a brand new track? (We are.) (Also, the track isn’t new. But it is a classic!)

If there ever was a song to universally inspire the desire to dance, that song might just be “Do You Love Me?” by The Contours. Whether you first heard this song way back in 1962, or discovered it somewhere else along the way (like, say, in the movie Dirty Dancing), chances are it’ll put a smile on your face.

As one of the few tunes in history to climb the ranks of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart twice – first in 1962 and again in 1988 – “Do You Love Me?” has proven its power to make people happy. So plug in your earphones or turn up your speakers, and get yourself feeling good!

What songs are your instant pick-me-uppers? What music motivates you or gets you moving? Share your suggestions here and we might just use some of them in our upcoming Music Monday posts!

Happy Monday!