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Music Monday: “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

Welcome to the week, Wonderful! It’s Monday, which means the last thing you want to hear probably sounds something like: Have a case of the Mondays? Well, I promise you, you’ll never hear that from us. Because we’ve got something much better for you to hear, and it’ll help you kick those Monday Mundanes right out of your mind. Yes, my friend: it’s time for Music Monday!

Today, we’re highlighting this awesome, powerful, soulful song by Nina Simone (originally written by Anthony Newley and often covered by Michael Bublé). “Feeling Good” starts off slow, but builds to a rousing, epic ode to the beauty in life’s little wonders. And when the band punches in – ooo, it’ll get you jazzed for whatever magic your Monday may hold. We found this gorgeous lyric music video online, and we couldn’t help but share. Hope you enjoy!

So, tell us: what are the songs that get you feeling good? What music motivates you or gets you moving? We’ll choose some of your suggestions and share them in our upcoming Music Monday posts!

‘Til then, Happy Monday. 🙂