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Music Monday: “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates

How many times have you heard someone glance nonchalantly at a clock, only to get wide-eyed and exclaim excitedly “It’s 11:11! Make a wish!”? Quite a few times, we bet.

11:11 is like the chronological equivalent of an eyelash stuck on a cheek, or a coin tossed into a fountain — it’s a free pass to wish for whatever you’re craving. And it just so happens that on this very special Monday, it’s 11/11 all day long!

We hope you’re as lucky as Hall & Oates, and your day is full of dreams coming true. Get your smiles started by delighting your ears with this happy classic! Check out the video for “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates, below.

“You Make My Dreams” was released as a single in 1981 from the album Voices by Hall & Oates.

What are you wishing for today?