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Music Monday: “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen

We’re a few days away from the biggest feast of the year. Thoughts of turkey and cranberries and sweet potatoes and green been casserole and pie and pie and pie… sorry, zoned out for a minute.

This week’s Music Monday pick is Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes,” which gobbled its way up the Billboard music charts in 1987. It’s obvious why this song is a great pick for Thanksgiving week, right? Hungry eyes abound in anticipation of Thursday!

FiberLove bars are great for keeping you full and satisfied, so you can hold off on cravings before it’s time to dig in to the big meal. So if you’d rather not be sporting Hungry Eyes, eating a FiberLove bar is an easy fix.

Happy T-Day!

For more from singer/songwriter Eric Carmen, visit his website.


What Thanksgiving dish gives you Hungry Eyes?