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Fiber and Weight Management

When do you feel the best? Probably when you’re feeling healthy, and comfortable in your body. Physical activity and improving your diet are cited by the National Institute of Health as the most successful ways to lose weight and keep it off. Easier said than done, right? We know that maintaining a healthy weight can…Read More

Parenting Magazine

“They’re handy, portable and your kid actually likes them.”

Fitness Magazine

“‘They taste like candy,’ Dublin says, but they have only 130-140 calories and almost a half day’s worth of fiber.”

Self Magazine

“Best Breakfast Bar”

Family Circle

Posted to Family Circle in 2013 “These fruit juice–sweetened bars are only 130 calories and provide 12 g of filling fiber.”

InStyle Magazine

“Don’t forget to stash some under 200-calorie health bars in your luggage for when you arrive (we like Gnu bars – they’re delicious and loaded with fiber).”

O Magazine

“Deliciously moist…should keep you satiated long after you finish eating”

Men’s Health

“We crunched the numbers––and the bars––to discover the absolute best grab-and-go nutrition for every situation. Runner-up for best bar: Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Peanut Butter Bar.”

Dietary fiber has many health benefits. It’s great for regularity, heart health, and weight management. Adding dietary fiber to your daily diet can allow you to experience these benefits for yourself. But it’s not a good idea to increase your fiber intake dramatically! As you aim to reach your healthy daily fiber goal, here are…Read More

Simply put: Yes, you should eat fiber on a low carb diet. Adding fiber to your diet will help to keep you full throughout the day, and can help limit your cravings for less-healthy foods. Low carb diet plans introduced the concept of “net” carbs as a way to allow “good” carbs like fiber into…Read More