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FiberLove is Now Fiber d’Lish – Change is Good

We’ve Changed. And Change is Good.

FiberLove is Now Fiber d’Lish

Notice anything different? Nope, it’s not a new haircut. But we certainly are looking more stylish, don’t you agree?

We’ve got a new name, a fun and colorful new design, and a new attitude. We’re simply walking on air. Because we’re in love! That’s right, we’ve fallen in love with fiber all over again, and we want the whole world to know it. Honestly, we’re super excited about the changes going on around here, and we’re even more excited to share all of our feel-good vibes with you.

Our new name, FiberLove, says it all. It shouts from the rooftops, “We love fiber and what it can do for your body!” Have you seen our hot new package designs? Now our bars are as beautiful on the outside as they make you feel on the inside. And that cute little heart on the upper right corner of every package? That’s not just a symbol of our affection. It means we’re now Non-GMO Project Verified!

We’ve also let our love spill over into the FiberLove Club. Now, Club members will get 30% off the regular bar price!

Wouldn’t you like to let a little more love into your life? Try a new FiberLove bar to see what we can do for you.