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Fiber d'Lish’s blend of soluble and insoluble fiber, including a mix of six whole grains and seeds, provides the 12 grams of fiber in each bar. Soluble and insoluble fiber team up to slow the absorption of fat and sugar into the bloodstream, while also helping to keep the digestive system moving healthily. Fiber d'Lish's unique fiber mix provides the true health benefits of fiber – weight management, heart health and natural regularity – making it the highest quality fiber bar available. The whole grain "roughage" in Fiber d'Lish Bars contain all the parts of the entire grain kernel; they haven’t been milled or processed out like other so many other whole grain foods or supplements. Many fiber bars that line grocery shelves are formulated with processed fiber that is stripped of its most beneficial qualities and loaded with added sugar and artificial sweeteners.
When fiber is in your stomach, it absorbs water and swells, slowing the digestive process and helping your stomach feel full. That way, you won’t want to eat more than you need to, and you won’t be hungry soon after you snack. Fiber then passes through your digestive tract, acting like a broom to sweep out the bad stuff, keeping you feeling good. Fiber also keeps your blood sugar levels steady by providing a slow release of energy, rather than a rush of sugar that you’ll burn through quickly.
Yes, Fiber d'Lish bars are Non-GMO Project Verified by the Non-GMO Project. We display the Non-GMO Project verification logo on our packaging and website. The Whole Wheat Flour and Kamut® Brand Khorasan Wheat in our bars are certified Organic. Furthermore, the canola oil we use is expeller-pressed non-GMO canola oil.
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Let’s get a little technical here. Inulin is a natural vegetable fiber found in thousands of plants and vegetables. It is a soluble fiber that is not digested in the stomach or small intestine. When inulin reaches the large intestinal tract, it is fermented by the intestinal flora and acts as a prebiotic, thus promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon and supporting a healthy digestive process. Bottom line: it’s good for you.
Good question! Props on your thoroughness. The "Other Carbohydrates" listed in the Nutrition Facts are carbohydrates in our ingredients that are not classified as Sugars or Fiber on the label. These are mainly from the starches in ingredients such as oats, flour, bran, apples and plums.
Natural flavors include the essential oils, essence, or products that come from roasting foods such as fruits, vegetables, and even leaves and bark. The term "flavors" is used because the oils, essence, and products’ main function is to provide flavor – rather than nutritional value – to Fiber d'Lish bars. While these flavors are extracted from their full ingredients, they are 100% natural and don’t contain any artificial additives.
We recommend starting with one bar a day, if your body isn’t used to getting your daily recommended value of fiber. Fiber d'Lish bars are gentle and effective. You should experience less strain during bowel movements and more regularity though. As with any new food you add to your diet, moderation is key. Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day as you increase your fiber intake.
Each Fiber d'Lish bar is about 4 points on the Weight Watchers® scale.

Vegan Bars?

Yes! Seven of the eight Fiber d'Lish flavors are Certified Vegan. The exception is the Blondie Bar, which contains whole milk powder in its white chocolate chips.


Yes! The OU-D symbol on every Fiber d'Lish Bar certifies that it is a kosher product certified by the Orthodox Union. Although there is a D on every bar, the Blondie Bar is the only bar that has dairy in it.

Gluten Free?

Fiber d'Lish bars contain gluten. Organic whole wheat flour, which contains gluten, is a main ingredient in the high-fiber blend that serves as the first ingredient in Fiber d'Lish bars. The mix of healthy whole grains and seeds in each bar is one of the reasons we can make heart-health claims!
7 Grains Fiber d’Lish is the only Fiber bar that combines natural whole grain oats with a perfect blend of soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber d’Lish is made up of 7 different types of grains that pack our bars with whole grain “roughage” and contain all parts of the entire grain kernel. This allows us to produce a bar with 12 grams of natural fiber and many nutritious benefits. Read about each grain below and what benefits it provides! Whole Rolled Oats- Is a grain that is commonly eaten for breakfast as oatmeal. Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. They’re a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. They have also been linked to weight loss, lower blood sugar, and reduced risk of heart disease. Whole Wheat Flour- Is flour made from all parts of the grain that is found in wheat. This includes the outer brown layer that contains the highly nutritious bran and the germ of the wheat grain.  Whole wheat flour is a great source of dietary fiber, manganese, and magnesium. Wheat Bran- Is the outer shell of a wheat grain. It is a great source of dietary fiber for preventing colon diseases, cancers, and more. It is also used for treating constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Wheat bran helps constipation by speeding up the colon and increasing output and bowel frequency. Organic Kamut Brand Khorasan Wheat- Is ancient wheat, guaranteed under the KAMUT brand to be always grown certified organic, never hybridized or genetically modified and is prized for its nutrition, ease of digestibility, sweet nutty-buttery taste and firm texture. Compared to most modern wheat it has more protein, amino acids, vitamins, and many minerals, especially selenium, zinc and magnesium. Psyllium- Also known as ispaghula, is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago Ovata plant’s seeds.  It is a bulk-forming laxative mainly used as a dietary fiber to relieve symptoms of both constipation and mild diarrhea. Flax- Also known as linseed, comes from a blue-flowered plant and helps protect against heart disease, inflammatory disorders, and certain cancers. You can consume it as a whole seed, milled or as oil. It has a mild nutty flavor and adds nutrition and health benefits to a variety of foods including Fiber d’Lish. Millet- Is an ancient grain that is rich in dietary fiber, iron, calcium, and B vitamins. Millet offers more dietary fiber and antioxidants than most other grains. It also releases sugar slowly into the blood and diminishes glucose absorption. Sources:
The American Heart Association Eating Plan recommends that children older than two get the majority of their calories from complex carbohydrates high in Fiber. They recommend "age plus 5" to set dietary Fiber amounts for young children. So, for example, a six year old should eat 6 (his/her age) + 5 grams of Fiber = 11 grams of fiber daily. As a child consumes up to 1500 calories daily, he or she can tolerate 25 grams or more of dietary Fiber.