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About the Bars

Natural flavors include the essential oils, essence, or products that come from roasting foods such as fruits, vegetables, and even leaves and bark. The term "flavors" is used because the oils, essence, and products’ main function is to provide flavor – rather than nutritional value – to Fiber d'Lish bars. While these flavors are extracted from their full ingredients, they are 100% natural and don’t contain any artificial additives.
We recommend starting with one bar a day, if your body isn’t used to getting your daily recommended value of fiber. Fiber d'Lish bars are gentle and effective. You should experience less strain during bowel movements and more regularity though. As with any new food you add to your diet, moderation is key. Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day as you increase your fiber intake.

Vegan Bars?

Yes! Seven of the eight Fiber d'Lish flavors are Certified Vegan. The exception is the Blondie Bar, which contains whole milk powder in its white chocolate chips.


Yes! The OU-D symbol on every Fiber d'Lish Bar certifies that it is a kosher product certified by the Orthodox Union. Although there is a D on every bar, the Blondie Bar is the only bar that has dairy in it.

Gluten Free?

Fiber d'Lish bars contain gluten. Organic whole wheat flour, which contains gluten, is a main ingredient in the high-fiber blend that serves as the first ingredient in Fiber d'Lish bars. The mix of healthy whole grains and seeds in each bar is one of the reasons we can make heart-health claims!

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About the Club

After you log in, please visit your Club page to cancel your membership. Please allow 1 business day for your cancellation to become effective. If your current month’s order has been shipped, your cancellation will take effect with next month’s order. If your current month’s shipment is not scheduled to go out within the next day, your cancellation will be effective with your current shipment.
It’s simple. When you join the Club, you’ll get 30 or more Fiber d'Lish Bars delivered right to your door with each Club Order. Club benefits include Free Shipping and a 30% discount off the cost of individual bars. As a member, you’ll be able to change:
  • Your next shipment date
  • How often you receive your bars
  • Your flavor mix
  • How many bars you want
You can even cancel your membership at any time, online. Learn more here.
After you log in to My Account, go to the Club section of our website. You’ll be able to manage your Club order, 24/7.  Please allow 1 business day for your changes to become effective.

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Get in Touch

We love to hear your feedback! All you have to do is email to get in touch. You can also drop us a line on social media through FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.  Or call us at 1-888-421-2032. We're around to answer the phone weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, and if you leave us a message during off-hours, we'll make sure to get back to you!
We sure are! You can find us on all of those! We're @NuGoFiber on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and at
If you head to our Find A Store locator, you'll be able to find a store near you that sell Fiber d'Lish bars! Or, you can always shop directly through our website, where every flavor is always in stock.

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Shopping and Shipping

Sorry to hear that! Please use send us a message at and include your order number and a description of the damaged item(s), or call us at 1-888-421-2032 with the same information. We’ll follow up with the next steps. In the meantime, please don’t throw the damaged items away! We may request that you send them back to us.
Log in to the My Account section. You can make any changes to your account there, including your e-mail address and password.
Although we don’t ship Fiber d'Lish bars internationally, our fiber-loving friends in Canada can order Fiber d'Lish bars through the, which does ship to Canada. Fiber d'Lish bars are also available in certain Winners stores in Canada. At this time we aren’t aware of any other retailers that ship Fiber d'Lish bars outside the United States.

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