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Fiber You Actually Want to Eat Because We Make The Best Fiber Bars

Fiber d’Lish is a sweet moment of blissful escape from the mundane. It’s fiber that tastes like a soft-baked, chewy cookie, and has a mission to help you to feel great, both inside and out.

Each flavorful Fiber d’Lish bar provides 12 grams of dietary fiber in only 130-160 calories. The first ingredient in Fiber d’Lish is a special proprietary blend of insoluble and soluble fiber, delivered through a mix of whole grains, seeds, and prebiotic inulin. When soluble fiber and insoluble fiber are consumed together, they help to slow the absorption of fats and sugar into the bloodstream, and keep the digestive tract clean and efficient. This mix of soluble and insoluble fiber sets Fiber d’Lish apart from other fiber bars, and makes it the perfect snack for promoting satiety, heart health, and digestive regularity.

Additionally, the ingredients in Fiber d’Lish bars are honest and natural. All 8 Fiber d’Lish flavors are Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher and soy-free (except Blondie Bar). All flavors but Blondie are also Vegan.

In short, Fiber d’Lish is all about you. So grab a Fiber d’Lish bar and get to feeling good.

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About NuGo Fiber d’Lish

In 2014, NuGo Nutrition, known for making the best-tasting protein bars with top quality ingredients, set out to make a delicious, uncoated fiber bar. While on a mission to find the perfect fiber bar recipe, the team at NuGo realized that the perfect fiber bar already existed – in Gnu Foods FiberLove! Recognizing that FiberLove was making a fiber bar better than anyone else, NuGo acquired the FiberLove brand and renamed the bars NuGo Fiber d’Lish. With a new name that accentuates their amazing taste, Fiber d’Lish bars will soon be available in more stores throughout the United States, making the healthiest and tastiest fiber bar even easier for all to enjoy!

Fiber d’Lish bars are identical to FiberLove bars in every way but in name. To learn more about Fiber d’Lish bars and the health benefits of fiber, visit out FAQs section.


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