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What is Cereal Fiber?

What is cereal fiber?

New research out of the Harvard School of Public Health shows that, in a number of studies conducted throughout the years, people who ate higher amounts of cereal fiber had a lower risk of premature death from all causes. This includes a 34% lower rate of death from diabetes, and a 15% lower rate of death…Read More

NuGo Fiber dLish Coconut Macaroon

A treat with coconuts and almonds combined? Sounds a bit like paradise. As summer gets closer and closer, now is the perfect time for a tropical treat, like Fiber d’Lish Coconut Macaroon! In honor of this stellar flavor, we put together a coconut infographic to help you learn more about one of our favorite ingredients.

A registered dietitian gives tips on how to get kids to eat fiber.

By Anne Marie Kuchera, RD Part I of Fiber for Kids reviewed what fiber is, recommendations for kids, and the best sources.  Now it’s time for application, and ways to include more fiber-containing foods in a child’s daily eating plan. It might seem like you’d have to be sneaky to get kids to eat fiber….Read More

Fiber for Kids

By Anne Marie Kuchera, RD If you are an adult, you have probably read about, heard about, or been counseled about the benefits of eating fiber-containing foods by a health professional. You are probably also aware of the value of fiber for weight management, digestive health, and the prevention of chronic diseases such as heart…Read More