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We’re a few days away from the biggest feast of the year. Thoughts of turkey and cranberries and sweet potatoes and green been casserole and pie and pie and pie… sorry, zoned out for a minute. This week’s Music Monday pick is Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes,” which gobbled its way up the Billboard music charts…Read More

FiberLove Orange Cranberry Sauce Recipe

We’re in the season of sharing and giving thanks. But a lot of the time, this season can also turn into being all about eating until you feel like your belt is going to sling itself right off your body and clear across the room. One way to make sure you don’t over-thank yourself for…Read More

By Katie Ferraro, MPH, RD, CDE The holiday season is filled with joyous gatherings, delicious meals, festive drinks, and for some: unwanted weight gain. How can you maximize your holidays and minimize your waistline? Focus on staying satiated!

We all love singing along to this song, right? Sometimes very loudly? Sometimes with a whole lot of passion? Sometimes into our hair brushes or pens or water bottles or anything else that might be close enough to double as a microphone? “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick hit big in the…Read More

FiberLove Peanut Chocolate Chip

So Peanut and Chocolate Chip walk into a bar… FiberLove is elated to announce the pairing of Peanut and Chocolate Chip in loving, wedded bliss! Now, Peanut Chocolate Chip is the newest member of the FiberLove flavor roster. Peanut and Chocolate Chip sparked a deliciously adorable courtship upon meeting in – of all places –…Read More

How many times have you heard someone glance nonchalantly at a clock, only to get wide-eyed and exclaim excitedly “It’s 11:11! Make a wish!”? Quite a few times, we bet. 11:11 is like the chronological equivalent of an eyelash stuck on a cheek, or a coin tossed into a fountain — it’s a free pass…Read More

You know that feeling of elation you get when you realize that you’re in a great, mutually-respectful and adorably-loving relationship? That’s the kind of feeling we hope you get when you think of FiberLove, and we’d like to suggest a soundtrack to accompany your happy snacking. “Love on Top” by Beyoncé encompasses loving joy in…Read More