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Fall Fiber Treats

FiberLove Cinnamon Raisin Recipe

Hey, you! You deserve a treat, don’t you think? (We’ll assume you’re nodding in agreement.) If you’re looking to eat a dessert but want to make sure you’re not just packing in the empty calories, we have some great suggestions for you. Use a FiberLove bar to craft a tasty apple cinnamon dessert, a healthier…Read More

This Music Monday, we’re bringing you a song that’s great for both your head and heart. And not just because it’s by the band The Head & The Heart. When listening to “Shake” by The Head & The Heart, you can hear the band having fun. And when you watch the video below, you can…Read More

Throw your hands up in the air! It’s Monday, and there are a multitude of reasons to celebrate. Beyond Fall foliage, apple cider, and the knowledge that the holiday season is almost within reach, we’ve got an extra thing for you to be happy about: “You’ve Got the Love” by Florence and the Machine. This week’s…Read More

Happy Columbus Day! Columbus Day can serve as a reminder that great discoveries can come from breaking free from the mundane, harnessing your adventurous energy and exploring the unknown. Perhaps your adventure will be searching a pumpkin patch for a perfect canvas for that brilliant Jack-O-Lantern design you dreamed up. Maybe you’ll explore the limits of your kitchen-mastery by trying a new recipe. Or…Read More

Monday mornings are beautiful, aren’t they? They’re new, and exciting, and a fresh start to a week of endless possibility. So, this week we’ve got a song that celebrates the magic of another type of fresh start – the beginning of new love. We predict that, much like the apple of your eye, “Homeless” by…Read More