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Music Monday: “Mr. Columbus” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus Day can serve as a reminder that great discoveries can come from breaking free from the mundane, harnessing your adventurous energy and exploring the unknown.

Perhaps your adventure will be searching a pumpkin patch for a perfect canvas for that brilliant Jack-O-Lantern design you dreamed up. Maybe you’ll explore the limits of your kitchen-mastery by trying a new recipe. Or you might decide that today is the day to conquer your nerves and reach out to someone you’d like to know better. Whatever it is, we want to pump you up to tackle your goal, and it would be nice to have some music to get you going, right?


“Mr. Columbus” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals is a call to action! It’s a reminder that a good shove in the right direction can set you on a path toward the awesome. So, in Grace’s words, “come on and jump in”! Fill yourself up with the energy emanating from Grace’s keyboard, then go forth! Sail the bold seas of adventure. And rock on.

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Happy Monday! 🙂