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Music Monday: “Shake” by The Head and The Heart

This Music Monday, we’re bringing you a song that’s great for both your head and heart. And not just because it’s by the band The Head & The Heart.

When listening to “Shake” by The Head & The Heart, you can hear the band having fun. And when you watch the video below, you can see them having fun too! As fun begets fun, logic says that taking a listen to “Shake” now may just leave you feeling upbeat for the rest of the day.

With a peppy back-beat that dares you not to tap your foot along with the percussion – and enthusiastic, sing-along-able vocals – “Shake” could very well be your next go-to song to belt aloud when you’re driving in your car or dancing around your kitchen. Maybe the actual lyrics don’t express the happiest of sentiments, but they’re sure fun to sing along to!

“Shake” is on The Head & The Heart’s new album Let’s Be Still. Learn more about The Head & The Heart on their website, and find them on Twitter @headandtheheart or on

What are some of your go-to sing-along songs?