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Peanut Chocolate Chip: A FiberLove Story

So Peanut and Chocolate Chip walk into a bar…

FiberLove is elated to announce the pairing of Peanut and Chocolate Chip in loving, wedded bliss! Now, Peanut Chocolate Chip is the newest member of the FiberLove flavor roster.

Peanut and Chocolate Chip sparked a deliciously adorable courtship upon meeting in – of all places – a bar.

That night, Peanut arrived to the FiberLove bar first. She sat alone, ever-confident in her often-complimented, buttery demeanor and talent for providing comfort in most any situation. Peanut barely scanned the room.

Chocolate Chip arrived slightly later, after a long day of helping to pacify the emotions of others with his reliable, unspoken understanding and mouth-watering-ly tasteful good looks. As a widely-used shoulder to lean on, he sometimes carried a chip on his own shoulder. All Chocolate Chip really longed for was an equal partner.

When Chocolate Chip spotted Peanut all alone, he was intrigued, but a bit hesitant to approach her. “Frankly, she looked a little nutty,” remembers Chocolate Chip, before adding, sweetly, “but there was also something so smooth about her. I couldn’t help but introduce myself.”

He sweetened her up. She balanced him out. Soon, they were connected at the chip.

FiberLove Peanut Chocolate Chip

Now, Peanut and Chocolate Chip are thrilled to start their life together! In a tasty turn of events, Peanut Chocolate Chip now owns its very own FiberLove bar, where Peanut and Chocolate Chip spread flavorful affection to all who visit.

The Peanut Chocolate Chip FiberLove bar is slim, cozy, and full of fiber to promote regular, heart-healthy relationships for all who choose Peanut Chocolate Chip as a companion. Peanut Chocolate Chip is also vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, and uses organic dark chocolate chips in its delicious bar.

For its part, FiberLove is proud to have such a perfect couple bolster its reputation as “the healthiest relationship you can find in a bar.”

To healthify your pies this holiday season, you can use a Peanut Chocolate Chip bar to make a healthier graham cracker crust recipe in your baking excursions. See the recipe here.

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