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7 Ways to Love Better

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us their favorite ways to eat FiberLove bars. Out of many great responses, we illustrated our favorites with pictures of FiberLove bars in action. Take a look at all of the winning responses below to see more ways that you can add some extra excitement to your FiberLove life!

Work on It

“Every day. Usually after my workout. I actually keep one in my bag in case I meet someone for coffee and get hungry. Helps to keep me on my diet (down 36 thus far). – Pat

Alternate idea: Work with it! When you’re looking for a 3 p.m. snack at work, choose FiberLove instead of a candy bar or sugary sweet.


FiberLove Apple Cobbler spoon.

Try Spooning

“I use my favorite flavors of gnu bars as a spoon to eat my yogurt in the morning. I flatten the bar a little (with my hands), and curve the edges. I can scoop away and even scrape the sides of the container. Easy, no mess. I get my fiber and my protein.” – Julie

Alternate idea: Use cookie cutters to make your FiberLove bars into fun shapes. (Especially great for sharing with kids!)


FiberLove sunrise

Appreciate the Beauty Around You

“Watching the sun rise.” – Jennifer

Alternate idea: Even if you’re not up for waking up at the crack of dawn, pairing FiberLove with your morning coffee or tea can help give yourself an extra boost of energy to make the morning a little more delightful.


FiberLove on ice.

Embrace the Rocky Parts

“Straight out of the freezer! It makes them a little firmer and REALLY brings out their flavor! They are so delicious this way and perfect on a hot summer day!” – Kaila

Alternate idea: Warm it up! Pop your FiberLove bar in the microwave for 20 seconds or less for a tasty treat.


FiberLove dessert

Be Sweet and Cheesy

“I spread low-fat cream cheese, and then sugar-free strawberry or cherry preserves on the chocolate brownie bar. It makes me feel special.” – Nina

Alternate idea: Top your favorite flavor of FiberLove with nut butter for a winning fiber/protein combo.


FiberLove sports snack

Sport Your Support

“When I’m in my ‘lawn chair’ watching my kids play soccer” – Erin

Alternate idea: When the kids come home for school clamoring for an afternoon snack, FiberLove can help to keep them satisfied until dinner.


FiberLove, blogging and coffee

Use Your Words

“With a cup of hazelnut coffee while blogging on a Saturday morning.” – Abigail

Alternate idea: Reward yourself with FiberLove after finishing a tough assignment, or accomplishing a goal. Success tastes sweet.

All winners whose responses are featured here won one 5-pack of their FiberLove flavor of choice! To see more ways to eat FiberLove, follow us on Instagram @FiberLoveBar. Or share your favorite way to eat FiberLove by tweeting or tagging a picture with #FiberLoveBar.