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Introducing Apple Cobbler and Coconut Macaroon

Introducing Apple Cobbler and Coconut Macaroon Bars

Escape to Two New Sensation Vacation Destinations!

The best apple fiber bar! The big Apple Cobbler. The best coconut fiber bar! Your own dessert island.

At FiberLove, we work to bring you the best, most pleasurable fiber in the world – and now there are two new flavors you can escape to for your every-day vacay!

Coconut Macaroon and Apple Cobbler bars, may just be the best Fiber d’Lish flavors yet.

Apple Cobbler was inspired by FiberLove’s hometown of New York City: the big apple! In the Apple Cobbler bar, cinnamon winds its way through diced apples in a diverse neighborhood of grains and seeds that make up FiberLove’s special high-fiber blend. The wholesome aroma of Apple Cobbler may conjure up images of home, but all it takes is one tantalizing taste to know that this bar is bound for the big time. In fact, we feel quite confident calling Apple Cobbler “the Broadway of great taste.”

FiberLove Apple Cobbler - the best apple fiber bar.

Coconut Macaroon is a delight. Sweet toasted coconut mingles with flavorful almonds in a beach of whole grains and seeds to create one of the most enjoyable FiberLove experiences yet. Biting into Coconut Macaroon bar is even more satisfying than finding the perfect spot in the sun to lay your towel on. Really, FiberLove’s Coconut Macaroon bar is a dessert island in itself – the perfect kind to get stranded on.

FiberLove Coconut Macaroon - the best coconut fiber bar.

We’re very excited about Coconut Macaroon and Apple Cobbler, and think they may even be our best flavors yet! We can’t wait for you to try them.

Right now, Apple Cobbler and Coconut Macaroon are only available with FiberLove Club orders. People who order through the FiberLove Club get 30% off the regular price for FiberLove bars and receive Free Shipping on Club orders. You can choose to have your Club order delivered every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Learn more or sign up for the FiberLove Club here.

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Which are you more excited to try: Apple Cobbler or Coconut Macaroon?