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Fiber Bars For Diabetes: Help Manage and Prevent it with Fiber

Learn how dietary fiber helps to reduce risk of developing diabetes, and serves as a filling nutrient that helps to keep blood sugar levels in check for people who already have diabetes.

Diabetes is a huge and growing health concern for Americans. According to the American Diabetes Association, over 30 million Americans have diabetes, while another 86 million have pre-diabetes. Based on current health trends, it is projected that by 2050, one in three American adults will be living with the chronic disease.

But good news! With consistent healthy lifestyle choices, Type 2 diabetes can be very preventable. One simple step toward preventing Type 2 diabetes is eating the recommended daily fiber intake. Studies have shown that people who eat diets high in fiber – specifically, the fiber found in whole grains – have a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes Diabetes is characterized by the body’s inability to keep blood sugar levels in check, and can result in serious health challenges.

Because fiber is not digested, insulin is not required to help fiber pass through the body, and fiber does not increase blood glucose levels. Instead, fiber helps to keep blood sugar levels steady by providing a slow release of energy, rather than a rush of sugar that will be burned through quickly. Fiber can also help to prevent weight gain and obesity, which are risk factors for developing diabetes.

For diabetics, choosing a healthy snack that won’t cause drastic changes in blood sugar can seem like a difficult task. Choosing a Fiber d’Lish bar as a daily snack is a smart way to add healthy whole grains to the diet, while keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Each Fiber d’Lish bar includes 12 grams of feel-good fiber in a blend of six whole grains and seeds mixed with prebiotic inulin. No added sugar. No artificial ingredients. No empty calories. So you know that what you’re putting into your body is going to treat you right. Eating one or two Fiber d’Lish bars every day is a great way to help get your daily recommended value of fiber at just 130-160 calories per bar. Check out all 10 Fiber d’Lish flavors here!

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