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Fiber Bars for Kids: Keep Your Kids Healthy with Fiber

Fiber for Kids: How much and what kind?

Delicious fiber is worth cheering for!

Just as you can benefit from eating more fiber and nutritious whole grains, so can your children. The health benefits of fiber range from lowered risk of obesity and diabetes to more comfortable and regular digestion. Starting your child off with a high fiber diet sets a great course for a lifetime of healthy choices.

But if your kid is the type to shun fruits and vegetables, helping him or her to get enough fiber can be rough going. Which begs the question: What are the best ways to amp up the fun of fiber for kids?

First things first: The American Heart Association Eating Plan recommends that children older than age 2 get the majority of their calories from complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber.

Eating fiber is an effective way to prevent and solve constipation, which is not uncommon in children during toilet training or the toddler years. It’s also great in helping to maintain a healthy weight.

In the 2010, more than one-third of kids ages 6-19 were overweight or obese. Overweight children are at a greater risk for many health problems, including Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and liver disease.

Increasing dietary fiber is one simple step you can take towards improving your whole family’s eating habits. By including fiber-rich foods in your child’s diet, you can help to satisfy your child’s hunger and curb unhealthy snacking. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain snacks can be great sources of fiber for kids.

A Fiber d’Lish bar is also a delicious way for your toddler or older child to actually enjoy getting dietary fiber and nutritious whole grains without added sugar or artificial ingredients. Fiber d’Lish bars are all-natural and Non-GMO Project Verified.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s diet, weight, and/or bowel habits, or if you suspect that your child may be suffering from a more serious medical condition than occasional constipation, please consult your pediatrician or other health care professional.

For full nutrition information on all Fiber d’Lish flavors, please visit AND AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If your child has any sensitivity to wheat, psyllium, peanuts/tree nuts, do not give him or her a Fiber d’Lish bar. The Blondie Bar flavor also contains dairy.