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Get Dad into the Top 3 Percent with Fiber!

Gadgets and golf clubs and grill accessories. Ties and tools and timepieces. With Father’s Day approaching, the question of what dad needs is on the minds of many. But one of the simplest answers may be one of the least obvious: fiber.

When only 3% of men in the United States eat the daily recommended 31-38 grams of fiber, most dads have lots of room for improvement.

We put together an easy game plan for Father’s Day – and every day – to help men get the fiber they need.

–          Tee Off: Whether or not dad is getting his breakfast delivered in bed, starting the day off with a high fiber and high protein meal is a great way to get a healthy, sustained supply of energy to help him feel full for hours of fun. Pair a Fiber d’Lish bar with Greek yogurt or nut butter to add a boost of protein to the 12 grams of the fiber provided by each FiberLove bar!

–          Bond Better: Planning a fun Father’s Day outing? Fishing, hiking, bowling, tailgating, seeing a show, sitting in silence over a tumbler of scotch – all of these activities can be improved by snacks. Skip the fatty, sugary stuff and sub in fresh fruit or whole grain bars. If choosing a packaged food, read nutrition labels to look for a snack that includes at least 5 grams of fiber per serving.

–          Grill Time: For backyard barbecues, get creative with fruits and vegetables! Black bean burgers (~4.5 grams fiber each) can serve as delicious, high-protein alternatives to hamburgers. If dad prefers meat, top his burger with avocado (~4.5 grams fiber per half a Haas variety) or pineapple (~1 gram fiber per one thick slice). Adding a side of corn on the cob (5 grams of fiber), or creating shish kabobs with dad’s favorite fruits and vegetables, are other tasty ways to help him reach his daily 31-38 grams.

Following these tips can help give dad a smooth path into the top 3% of fiber-eaters nationally!

While fiber can be a great tool for promoting health and happiness, it’s also important to not go all out at once. Increasing daily fiber is best done gradually, while drinking lots of water, to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

To learn more about how dad – or anyone else – can benefit from fiber, read more in the FiberLove blog.