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41 High Fiber Fruits to Put Your Weight Loss Into Overdrive


Are you interested in adding more fiber to your diet to help you lose weight?

The Fiber Guardian compiled a list of 41 high fiber fruits to add to your diet. They will tell you how to:

1.      Share high fiber fruits that you can start to add into your diet to start to lose weight.

2.      Give the fiber content of each fruit so you can calculate how that fruit ties into your daily fiber needs.

3.      Give practical ideas on HOW to eat more of each individual fruit by showing you how to incorporate them into your diet.

Whether you want to snack on them, add them to a smoothie, or cook with them, The Fiber Guardian gives you great tips to do it all!

Here are a few of the fiber enriching fruits you should add to your diet.

High Fiber Fruits to Snack On


1 cup= 13.4 grams of fiber

Dates are very high in fiber and make for a great high fiber snack food. You can eat them plain or add them to a fruit salad, trail mix, or even on top of a pasta salad.


1 cup = 12.1 grams of fiber

Prunes can be eaten plain after stewing them in water or by adding them to oatmeal or trail mix. Experiment with different ways of eating prunes to find your favorite.

High Fiber Fruits for Smoothies


1 cup = 7.6 grams of fiber

Blackberries are an awesome addition to a smoothie. Whether you make smoothies for breakfast or use them as a post workout supplement blackberries are an excellent high fiber fruit.

Recipe: Raspberry, Blackberry Smoothie


1 cup = 7.2 grams of fiber

Loganberries are high in fiber and are a cross between a red raspberry and a blackberry with a flavor that is somewhere in between the two. Grind them up in a smoothie and enjoy their deliciousness.

Recipe: Loganberry Smoothie

High Fiber Fruits to Cook With


1 Medium fruit = 35.7 grams of fiber

Coconut has a unique flavor and it is fantastic to cook with. Here are 29 delicious ways to cook with coconut and enjoy the wonderful taste that coconut has to offer.


1 Fruit = 13 grams of fiber

My favorite way to eat avocados is to add them onto fish tacos. My wife and I frequently make fish tacos using tilapia and a little bit of fish taco seasoning. Avocados add a cool and crisp taste to an otherwise spicy dish.

High Fiber Fruits to Eat With Dinner


1 cup has 4 grams of fiber

Chayote squash makes for an excellent side dish for dinner.


1 cup = 11 grams of fiber

Breadfruit is a very unique high fiber fruit. You can choose to bake it, boil it, fry or roast this fruit. Some say it has the taste of fresh bread and others think it tastes like a potato. You be the judge.

High Fiber Fruits for Dessert


1 cup = 6.5 of fiber

Gooseberries make a delicious jam that can be added to other high fiber foods such as whole grain biscuits or oatmeal.


1 medium fruit= 13.9 grams of fiber

Sapodilla makes for a fantastic addition to ice cream. To make this tasty treat you can follow this recipe on how to make Chikoo ice cream.

 To see the whole list check out The Fiber Guardian’s full blog post.

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