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The Truth About Cleansing

Is it necessary to do a cleanse diet or does your body detox naturally on its own? Are juice cleanses safe or dangerous? What role do high-fiber foods play in cleansing? To answer these questions, we got expert advice from two well-known registered dietitians.

Juice vs. Real Food Cleanses?

Celebrity dietitian and author Keri Glassman, RD, recommends real food cleanses only and advises avoiding juice cleanses completely. With juice cleanses, you will not only feel hungry and lethargic during it, but likely gain back more weight when the cleanse is over!

Keri said, “It’s hard to feel empowered when you’re drinking your breakfast. And your lunch. And your snacks. And your dinner. . . I need to chew. You?”

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Our Body’s Natural Fiber Detox

Abbey Sharp, RD, is a TV and radio personality, writer, and the founder of Abbey’s Kitchen.  Her video, Natural Cleanse, explains the five ways that your body cleanses naturally on its own. There’s no need to buy that bogus expensive cleansing kit or spend time doing any strict cleanse! “Foods rich in fiber, whole grains, veggies and lots of water are the recipe to success when it comes to this natural cleanse,” said Abbey.

Watch Abbey Sharp’s Natural Cleansing Video.

Cleanse Naturally with High-fiber Foods

Both of these dietitians agree that many cleanses are gimmicks to avoid. If you do decide to cleanse, it is important to eat real food while cleansing and absolutely avoid liquid-only cleanses! Their advice, drink more water and increase fiber in your diet from various sources.  Adding high-fiber foods like this Fiber d’Lish bar to your daily diet can help you cleanse naturally and have a positive impact on your overall digestive health.