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8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Body and Mind


Springtime is a great opportunity to refresh your body and mind. And with beautiful weather to enjoy, there are plenty of healthy ways to get reinvigorated. From exercising and spending time in nature to eating fresh veggies and healthy snacks like Fiber d’Lish bars, you’ll feel refreshed in no time.

1. Drink water– Good hydration helps our bodies to flush out toxins. Drink water plain or infused with fruit, and carry a reusable water bottle to help develop a habit of hydration!

2. Meditate– Spend time in a yoga class or even in a comfortable place at home. With closed eyes and deep breaths, you’ll feel emotionally refreshed in no time.

3. Exercise– A recent study by Cambridge University demonstrated that just 20 minutes of activity per day can reduce stress and add years to your life. Use the warm weather as an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with a walk in the park!

4. Get organized– Declutter your work and home spaces. A clean space will help your mind to think clearly and to relax.

5. Garden– With a few pots, a small raised garden bed, or an in-ground garden, you can grow your own fresh veggies and herbs. The opportunity to dig in the dirt will be therapeutic, and the vitamin D from the sun will feel great after the long winter.

6. Eat healthy, fresh foods– With any luck, your garden will provide you with fresh and healthy greens. Or, check out your local farmers markets for inexpensive and locally-grown veggies. Use your veggies to cook a healthy stir fry, or cut them up and eat them as a fresh and healthy snack

7. Prepare meals in advance– With some simple meal prep, you can have stress-free and healthy meals ready to go during your busy work week. Cook large healthy dishes for yourself on Sunday and enjoy them for days!

8. Eat a Fiber d’Lish bar every dayFiber d’Lish bars are a healthy, delicious, and portable snack option. With 12g fiber per bar, they are perfect as a detox and natural cleanse for your system. There is no need to deprive yourself by going on a cleanse diet, when one Fiber d’Lish bar can do the work for you daily. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to enjoy your springtime activities!