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Weight Watchers Bars: Low SmartPoints, High Fiber

Are you trying to lose weight and following the Weight Watchers program? Have you been searching for Weight Watchers bars with low SmartPoints for a delicious Weight Watchers snack on-the-go? Good news! You can have your favorite Fiber d’Lish bars on the Weight Watchers program. They are only 5-6 SmartPoints depending on the flavor. A high-fiber diet also helps with weight loss.

High-fiber foods contribute to feeling fuller without adding a lot of extra calories. Combined with an effective diet and training program, it can make losing weight faster and easier. The recommended daily allowance of fiber is around 20 to 40g of fiber daily. It is recommended for an adult’s daily fiber intake to be 21-25g daily for women, and 30-38g for men. Fiber is one of the healthiest nutrients you can put in your body, helping with digestion, weight management, blood-sugar regulation, managing cholesterol, and preventing disease.

Fiber d’Lish bars combine taste, texture and health benefits in a soft-baked chewy cookie, made with a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fiber, 6 whole grains and seeds, and 12g of daily fiber for the complete fiber system.

If you’re on the road to better health with Weight Watchers, then your new go-to snack is here. NuGo Fiber d’Lish bars are only 5-6 points on the SmartPoints, depending on the flavor. In other words, better health is just around the corner.