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Summer Slim with More Fiber

Trying to stay slim over the summer months?  As you well know, an active lifestyle in addition to wise food choices can be helpful to achieving this goal. Increasing how many high-fiber foods one eats can help too. Aside from many other health benefits of the rough stuff, research shows that increasing fiber assists with weight loss and management efforts.   

How does fiber help with weight loss and management? It’s simple, really.  Fiber-containing foods contribute to feeling fuller without adding a lot of extra calories.  Drinking plenty of water – important with a high-fiber diet – contributes to fullness too. And, most fiber-rich foods contain both the soluble and insoluble types, so there’s no reason to get hung up on fiber type.

So, how much fiber is needed for beneficial effects on weight? For women, experts recommend at least 25 grams per day and for men, at least 38 grams per day. Considering most Americans consume an average of just 15 – 16 grams of fiber daily, these recommendations reflect a significant increase in typical intake for most people.

At 12 grams of fiber per bar, NuGo’s Fiber d’Lish bars provide an excellent option for reaching fiber recommendations and weight management goals.  Breakfast, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon snacks are perfect opportunities for adding fiber-rich grains, fruits and nuts.  This summer, focus on what can be added, not taken away, to keep you feeling summer slim.

Anne Marie Kuchera, MS, MA, RD, LPC is a registered dietitian, and both a licensed nutritionist and licensed professional counselor. She manages community-based obesity prevention and preventive health and wellness initiatives through Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.