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With a series of small changes and a high-fiber diet, 26-year-old Jordan Ring shares how in three years, he was able to lose and keep off over 30 pounds he gained during college. With the advice of his doctor, he focused on dietary fiber throughout his weight loss journey. He started his website, Fiber Guardian,…Read More

The Truth About Cleansing

Is it necessary to do a cleanse diet or does your body detox naturally on its own? Are juice cleanses safe or dangerous? What role do high-fiber foods play in cleansing? To answer these questions, we got expert advice from two well-known registered dietitians. Juice vs. Real Food Cleanses? Celebrity dietitian and author Keri Glassman,…Read More

Why Eating Fiber and Water is Better than a Juice Cleanse

Here’s someone you probably know: a friend, or a friend of a friend, who has gone on some kind of “detox” plan – maybe a 3-day juice cleanse or a 7-day restricted diet, or even a 1-day detox. Here’s something you definitely know: You should drink water. And eat fiber. Here’s something it might be good…Read More

What is Cereal Fiber?

What is cereal fiber?

New research out of the Harvard School of Public Health shows that, in a number of studies conducted throughout the years, people who ate higher amounts of cereal fiber had a lower risk of premature death from all causes. This includes a 34% lower rate of death from diabetes, and a 15% lower rate of death…Read More

According to Dietary Guidelines issued by the USDA, adults should aim to for a daily fiber intake of at least 14 grams for every 1,000 calories consumed, setting a base Daily Value at 25 grams of fiber. (The Institute of Medicine recommends eating even more fiber for maximum health benefits. Think 21-25 grams for women…Read More

Learn about fiber and diabetes

Learn how dietary fiber helps to reduce risk of developing diabetes, and serves as a filling nutrient that helps to keep blood sugar levels in check for people who already have diabetes.

Cinnamon Raisin Fiber d'Lish

You have a choice when it comes to deciding which fiber bar to eat. But in terms of ingredient quality, health benefits and variety of taste, there is only one Best Fiber Bar. That bar is NuGo Fiber d’Lish. Many fiber bars that line grocery shelves are formulated with processed fiber that is stripped of…Read More

The Heart Health Benefits of Fiber

Bruce Springsteen got it right: Everybody’s got a hungry heart. Though Bruce may not have been singing about fiber specifically, the lyrics still apply. The link between dietary fiber and heart health is an important one. The American Heart Association recommends eating at least 25 grams of fiber per day. Why? Soluble fiber has been…Read More

Hey, you’re expecting!? Congrats! Pregnancy is beautiful. But it can also include some unpleasant side effects. Luckily, a high-fiber diet can help you avoid some of those less-than-magical pregnancy moments, like pregnancy constipation and hemorrhoids.

Fiber for Kids: How much and what kind? Just as you can benefit from eating more fiber and nutritious whole grains, so can your children. The health benefits of fiber range from lowered risk of obesity and diabetes to more comfortable and regular digestion. Starting your child off with a high fiber diet sets a…Read More