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We have some great gnus news, and we’re so excited to share it with you! At Gnu Foods, we have always used the most natural ingredients we can find, so that you can be most naturally—and gloriously—you. With a burning desire to provide our friends and fans with the very best, we searched the world…Read More

The Heart Health Benefits of Fiber

Bruce Springsteen got it right: Everybody’s got a hungry heart. Though Bruce may not have been singing about fiber specifically, the lyrics still apply. The link between dietary fiber and heart health is an important one. The American Heart Association recommends eating at least 25 grams of fiber per day. Why? Soluble fiber has been…Read More

Hey, you’re expecting!? Congrats! Pregnancy is beautiful. But it can also include some unpleasant side effects. Luckily, a high-fiber diet can help you avoid some of those less-than-magical pregnancy moments, like pregnancy constipation and hemorrhoids.

Fiber for Kids: How much and what kind? Just as you can benefit from eating more fiber and nutritious whole grains, so can your children. The health benefits of fiber range from lowered risk of obesity and diabetes to more comfortable and regular digestion. Starting your child off with a high fiber diet sets a…Read More

Research suggests than diets rich in dietary fiber may reduce diabetes risk, and can be helpful in managing blood sugar levels for people who have diabetes. When sugary drinks and snacks abound, and temptation to taste is hard to tame, keeping healthy isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Even though Type 2 diabetes is…Read More

Fiber is great for a lot of reasons, but one of its most best-known benefits is helping to improve digestion by promoting regularity while preventing and relieving gastrointestinal trouble. Here are some of the ways that the fiber in Fiber d’Lish works for you:

Fiber and Weight Management

When do you feel the best? Probably when you’re feeling healthy, and comfortable in your body. Physical activity and improving your diet are cited by the National Institute of Health as the most successful ways to lose weight and keep it off. Easier said than done, right? We know that maintaining a healthy weight can…Read More

It’s widely understood that if you eat more fiber, you’ll be more regular. But fiber does a lot more for you than maintain regularity. Scientists and health researchers now tell us that a high-Fiber diet can increase our chances of preventing and treating chronic and acute health problems: