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Gadgets and golf clubs and grill accessories. Ties and tools and timepieces. With Father’s Day approaching, the question of what dad needs is on the minds of many. But one of the simplest answers may be one of the least obvious: fiber. When only 3% of men in the United States eat the daily recommended…Read More

Introducing Apple Cobbler and Coconut Macaroon Bars Escape to Two New Sensation Vacation Destinations!   At FiberLove, we work to bring you the best, most pleasurable fiber in the world – and now there are two new flavors you can escape to for your every-day vacay! Coconut Macaroon and Apple Cobbler bars, may just be the best…Read More

Cinnamon Raisin Fiber d'Lish

You have a choice when it comes to deciding which fiber bar to eat. But in terms of ingredient quality, health benefits and variety of taste, there is only one Best Fiber Bar. That bar is NuGo Fiber d’Lish. Many fiber bars that line grocery shelves are formulated with processed fiber that is stripped of…Read More

FiberLove in UsWeekly

Us Weekly‘s Best Diets issue came out this week, and the FiberLove Orange Cranberry bar found itself a snug spot in the centerfold! Read on to see what Us Weekly thinks of one of our most distinct flavors.

FiberLove Peanut Chocolate Chip

So Peanut and Chocolate Chip walk into a bar… FiberLove is elated to announce the pairing of Peanut and Chocolate Chip in loving, wedded bliss! Now, Peanut Chocolate Chip is the newest member of the FiberLove flavor roster. Peanut and Chocolate Chip sparked a deliciously adorable courtship upon meeting in – of all places –…Read More

We’ve Changed. And Change is Good. FiberLove is Now Fiber d’Lish Notice anything different? Nope, it’s not a new haircut. But we certainly are looking more stylish, don’t you agree? We’ve got a new name, a fun and colorful new design, and a new attitude. We’re simply walking on air. Because we’re in love! That’s…Read More

Non-GMO Project

We have some great gnus news, and we’re so excited to share it with you! At Gnu Foods, we have always used the most natural ingredients we can find, so that you can be most naturally—and gloriously—you. With a burning desire to provide our friends and fans with the very best, we searched the world…Read More